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   This is a list of the most memorable aircraft that I have flown.
  6339B.JPG (51391 bytes) N6339B Cessna 152 II My first Solo!!! I got very comfortable with this plane, even though it was very used.  Last flight, I took her to Sedona. DG was out & GPS was outdated.  Also sprung an oil leak...
  N69186 BLH Xcountry.jpg (51269 bytes) Cessna 152 II Flew to Blythe (photo) on Solo X-Country, Also Flew to Fullerton, CA.  Has a very nice feel to it, lands easily & is a good night flying airplane. Non adjustable seat though.  Took FAA Check ride in this plane!
  574.JPG (47495 bytes) N93574 Cessna 152 II Right main Gear shakes, Non Adjustable Seat and the Mic. button was Inop. on Pilot's Yoke.  Will not rent this plane again until these things are fixed.
  N5525H 5525H.JPG (43829 bytes) Cessna 152 II Good Stall Characteristics, used extensively while getting my License. Flew home from Winslow AZ.  Took up a lot of runway on a high Density Altitude day!
N95512_a.jpg (9698 bytes) N95512 Cessna 152 II Used extensively during training.
N678WW Cessna 172 C-172  Flew this plane a lot after I got my License.  Always seemed to be available, was in nearly new condition & flew very nice. Photo in Payson
warrior2.jpg (17835 bytes) N43952 Piper Archer PA-28-181 180hp 4 place.  Has some power & a nice fast cruise speed.  This is the first low wing plane I have ever flown & I fell in love with it immediately.
N2726M warrior.jpg (10389 bytes) Piper Warrior PA-28-161 160hp 4 place.  This was very similar to the Archer but a bit cheaper to rent.  I flew it a few times & then Southwest Flight Center over at Scottsdale Airport, decided to sell it.  Besides, they would not let you rent it overnight anyway.
N6091M Piper Super Cub PA-18-150 Built & flown by a good friend of mine who lives in Nebraska.  We had a lot of fun when I visited out there including loops & spins.  This was my first Tailwheel plane to solo in.
N4372J Piper Cherokee 140 PA-28-140 1967 This plane is owned by my friend Adam Rosenberg.  During any downtime my plane has, he always seems to keep me in the air with his plane.  We've been on many trips together.  He recently put a new 160hp engine in & she's a strong performer.
  N3810F Great Lakes 2T-1A-2 Aerobatics Trainer.  I've been upside down, flipped, spun, pulled & pushed with this awesome little plane from the Chandler Air Service.  I also got my tailwhel endorsement from these guys in 2 different Piper Super Cubs.  I highly recommend them.
N8483R Piper Cherokee 140 PA-28-140 1966 Vintage My first Plane, Could be my last too.  I really enjoy the ease of owning this plane.  Low maintenance costs, easy to fly.  Longest X-Country yet.  Houston, TX to Phoenix, AZ  She has her own Webpage
KWIKPNY 2006 Ford Mustang GT  May not get off the ground but she sure as hell flies! Cervini's Full Body Kit, and Kenne Bell are the dominant features of this mean machine.

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