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These are just some of the Gadgets & Gizmos I like to fly with:
The Lightspeed ZULU ANR Headset.

For many years, Bose was the best headset available.  Lightspeed changed that with the ZULU.  She's modern, good looking & the top performer. Even the price beats the competition.  If you haven't tried a pair of these, I highly recommend it.  The Bluetooth features are certainly an added benefit.  I can't find any flaw with this headset design.

AvMap EKP IV GPS & So much more!

This is an Invaluable tool when flying at night, near mountains, under class Bravo or Prohibited airspace.

The first iteration had some flaws with the software, but they have worked them all out.  This company stands behind it's product & routinely comes out with new updates that it does not charge it's users for.


Lowrance Airmap 600C
This little guy could easily be a primary GPS system, but I use it as my backup.  Has several different ways of presenting you with information about airspace and terrain. The batteries last a long time & reception is never a problem.  It's nice to know it's there if I need it & makes a great travel GPS if I am going to be flying someone else's aircraft.

Surecheck TrafficScope VRX (Traffic Proximity Alert System)

Ok, this thing has a few flaws, but it's still quite useful.  I'd much rather have it than not. They just hadn't perfected the technology yet I think.  It gives false alerts & sometimes none at all, (although the manual explains that false alerts are impossible, I claim otherwise) Even though it's not perfect,  it has caught my attention before my eyes saw traffic on several occasions. 
The new Zaon XRX unit is the way to go if you are in the market for one of these devices.  It even integrates with a bunch of GPS systems to show traffic on the GPS screen.  The XRX even tells direction.  The VRX only tells relative Altitude & Distance.
2 miles seems to be the useful range for this device but I don't have externally mounted antennas.
Flight Guide

Airport and Frequency Manual.  One of the most used tools in my cockpit.  Flight Guide is clear & has the useful information we need & excludes useless information.  I use it mostly to check frequencies, runway directions, and traffic pattern altitudes.  It even helps you find the next "$100 hamburger" 

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