On The Ground

Here's where we stayed:


Kristina & Monica at the Condos

A view out back

Better view out back

From the condo

From the city

Shrimpin' boats

Monica & Zoltan

Sean & Kristina

Just leaving Lunch

Gotta hit the stores

North view from the condos

The East wing

Sean & Kristina

Beach bunny

Strike a pose!

Low Tide

Down the beach

From the water

Toward the lighthouse

A flock of birds


Seagull #2


Sunset #2

Zoltan discovers PSP

Looking very cute

El Gato

Y ultra mas gato

Monica & Zoltan

Too much Tequila!

The drug deal is goin' down!

Pretty girl!

Uh, no comment

Viking Zoli

Viking Sean

Good Morning

Interesting look

La Playa

Watch for Jaws!

Powered Hang glider


and a bird...

I gotta try this next time!

Beach Babe

She's coming my way!

At the airport prepping to leave