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Diving in Cozumel has got to be one of the best places on the planet.  The water is warm, the visibility is 100+ feet.  The dives from the boats, are all drift dives, so very little energy is used to see a vast amount of reef life.  We dove with Deep Blue Cozumel in 2007.  We rented our gear and had a wonderful time. 
We only dove 4 dives, but that got us hooked enough to buy all of our own equipment and go back and stay at the all inclusive .

Cozumel June 2007 Photo Gallery

 These were taken with a disposable underwater camera and the quality is lacking to say the least.  Some good shore photos though.  Stayed at El Cantil, just South of the main town.

Cozumel March 2008 Photo Gallery or Slideshow

 These were taken with my SeaLife DC600 Digital Camera and you can instantly see the huge difference in quality.  I am pretty proud of these photos.  We stayed at
and it was a wonderful experience!





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