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Photos from my vacation to Nebraska.
Matt is a good friend of mine who invited me out to see what Cub flying was all about.
He actually built this plane from a kit.  It's got a 150hp engine making it nearly identical
to a Piper SuperCub.  I hope you enjoy these pictures as much as I enjoyed taking them!

Matt Owner & Mechanic

Just getting her ready for some serious flying!

Checking instruments

Actually, just the Radio!

Show Off

Landing on one wheel (yes on purpose!)

Wheel Landing

Here's Matt doing a nice wheel landing

How Pretty...

Just fueled her & ready to fly.

Faster than a locomotive

er, was that Superman?

Nebraska Scenery

Mostly a bunch of farms & fields.

Skimming the water...

It's a boat, its a plane... uh... yeah.

A little more boating...

Sure feels fast down here!


I think we were just starting a spin here.

Out the back

Just another pretty view

Here's me finally...

First time in a taildragger...

Getting used to her

Once off the ground it flies very nicely!

Stick & Side Throttle

Also has heal breaks... All new to me.


Clear the runway.. Crazy Pilot!

Not so difficult...

Hell, if I can be taking pictures of it, how difficult can it be! haha

Just back after Solo

Man I gotta get me one of these!

Another first for me...

A REAL soft field landing.

After the landing

She had some big fat tires, but it was still bumpy!

Here's Matt & Me

Well part of me...Can ya tell how much fun this is for us?

More GAS!

Fuel her up & lets do it again!

Here's the line guy...

Ok, it's just Matt topping the tanks.

Ready to roll

We put a lot of time on it in just a few days.


Another time Matt lets me out on my own. Pretty nice guy huh?

We flew to another field.

TQE is in my logbook, but can't remember the name.


This is some serious FUN!

SBR field

Used to be a military airstrip for B-17's Kinda looks like home plate!

Here's me again.

Just can't get enough.

Greased her on

With a nice big Chirp of the tires...

The other Cub

Another, of Matts fun Toys..

Another First

Driving an Airboat... Not as fun as the flying, but at least you can Drink!


Here's another group of people on the river, they were real friendly.

I was on another boat.

See what I mean, Friendly! They even took me on their BIG airboat.

Here's Matt's Brother Vern

Actually Vern has his own airboat too. Not painted like a Piper Cub though.

Back to the flying

Now we get crazy!!

Loops & Spins

Are the words of the day!

Get some altitude

and then we get inverted


This plane can get vertical easily.


The ground is above us now...


Coming out of the loop


Just screwing around... We don't have any chemicals...

Back to the Field

Coming home after a long hard day...


Nice shot of the approach

Does this look good on me?

It will be mine... Oh Yes, It will be MINE! (someday)


Here's a better view of the avionics.

It's not a Cub

But it's my first time on a Harley. (also Matts)


It's not a cub either, but I think trains are cool too

More Trains

This was right across the street frim Matt's work.

Trains again..

We raced a few of these bad boys in the Cub.. Guess who won!

A City Building...

I just though it was a cool picture from my Nebraska Vacation.

Here's another of a building.

I think its for grain...

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004

And Now..... The VIDEOS!
Ever seen someone Loop a Cub? or how about a Spin?  
Here's your chance!
(right click on these and select "Save Target As" to download)

Me Landing a Cub Solo
Spinning a Cub
Looping a Cub
When Good Loops Go Bad

Check out the Artificial Horizon Indicator... Tumbled.


Wingover? Sure...

Wasn't me!



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